Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Recently off the drawing board, this one (as yet untitled) measures 9 1/2" x 21 1/2" and is the third new work that is being set aside for November's eastern shore of Maryland Waterfowl Festival coming up in the middle of that month. I've lost count of how many years I have been doing that great, large group show, but easily over two dozen for sure. Information is already available here so you can begin to plan your visit to this lovely, historic and charming town.


Laurene said...

"I wish I had drawn this" - this is the reaction I have when I see certain artists' work. Your artwork always elicits this reaction from me. The composition, the mastery of textures, the delicate balance between the strength and fragility of the wood and the chipmunk - there's so much to admire here.

Unknown said...

My wife and I went to 1261 Gallery and were both struck by "Grandmother's Chair". Well, that sounds like we were hit in the head with a chair but that's not what I meant. It was one of our favorite pieces.

George Weiss
Longmont, CO

Anonymous said...

Awesome Terry. Great composition and fabulous technique. Love your work !