Tuesday, June 09, 2015

It's Never Too Early

As the summer work schedule begins in the studio, I've just completed a trio of little works that won't be heading out till late August for a special September gallery event. "Stellar", a show about sky, will open September 4th at Troika Gallery on Maryland's eastern shore. Billed as a show of 60 works, all priced at under $600 each, these three "Nocturnes" will be my contributions to the event. When asked if I would participate in the show, I had to pause and consider if I could fulfill the 'requirements' of size, price and subject. I figured why not, but had no clue six weeks ago when I agreed to do some work for it. Then, I was sitting in the studio one afternoon, listening to some CD's and . . . bingo, there was the idea! Listening to some Chopin nocturnes opened my eyes, shall we say? So, these three little works resulted from that inspiration. I believe, now, they might be just the first three of what may be a larger series of works with the same theme yet to come. Each image is just 4" square in large, imposing yet subtle frames that measure about 12" square.

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