Monday, November 17, 2014

I am announcing this year's "Twelve Days of Christmas" small work offering on Facebook which will commence with the first work being offered at special reduced pricing on Monday, December 8th. I'll do another announcement closer to that date with the time that first piece will be posted to my Facebook art page. As in the past, the first person who contacts me for purchase will be the winner of the offering and this will only be happening on my Facebook page. My art page is a public page, so no need to fear being swallowed up by all that Facebook offers, but it will be the only way you may try for one of the twelve, or maybe thirteen or maybe even fourteen works that will be offered this last time in 2014. You can access the page through the link in the right hand column here.

Friday, November 07, 2014

The final push is on in the studio to complete the last several works for next week's opening of this year's Waterfowl Festival in the lovely eastern shore town of Easton. I'll be there at the Avalon Theater right in the heart of downtown so stop by and say hello. There is plenty to see and do all weekend and lots of spectacular art, sculpture, carving, crafts and sporting goods throughout the various venues spread around town. Check out the listing of exhibitors to find your favorites in the link above and come and enjoy a wonderful fall weekend on Maryland's eastern shore.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Over in Dorset, Great Britain, the drawings have all been framed and are ready to be hung for this coming weekend's opening of Drawn at Sculpture by the Lakes. I'm quite pleased to have my work hanging along side that of the other fine artists included in the show and if you are in the 'neighborhood' this coming Saturday, stop by the Gallery and see some mighty fine work.