Friday, August 01, 2014

I have wanted to do this drawing . . . well, have wanted to work up this idea at any rate . . . for several years, maybe even six or seven. The reference was gathered one year during the opening weekend festivities at Birds in Art . . . at least the boat house material was noted there. The addition of the little web-footed creatures was left to be 'discovered' as time passed and as I kept returning to the great abstract qualities of the angles and light/shadow contrasts of the main idea and waiting for the right bit of movement and animal addition to make the idea into a composition that worked. Count ahead to about a year ago when I was lucky enough to photograph a mallard with her little brood at the National Arboretum in Washington DC and bingo . . . the two situations were made for each other. Sometimes an idea or a spark of an idea will sit and sit for years, as I return to it from time to time and try and figure out a way to use the material to make an interesting and appealing composition that not only will I want to work on, but one that may appeal to others as well as a finished work. That remains to be seen, once of course, the work is finished! I hope that will occur this weekend as I am on deadline for several other needed drawings at the moment and no time to waste.

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