Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Over the last couple of days, I've had a wonderful visitor in the back yard. Discovered atop my recently installed arbor out back of the kitchen bay window, while doing something else in the kitchen and noting a movement out back . . . this immature black crowned night heron has been visiting the back yard over the last several days now. I spent a good forty five minutes with it a day or two ago and this morning, while emptying the dish washer, I noticed it outside once again and ran to get the long lens. Another half hour or so and even more wonderful reference. After a bit, I went outside and carefully and quietly was able to get some good shots from ground level, the others all taken from a second floor window. Today, the neighborhood crow family ventured into the yard as well, so for a few minutes I was distracted by the antics of the crows and got some very fine reference of them as well. Moral of the story . . . it pays to look out your windows every once in a while!

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