Saturday, October 26, 2013

Following up on yesterday's entry regarding the currently running show of the Oil Painters of America at McBride Gallery in Annapolis, I noted that Cindy McBride posted the comments of the awards judge, the phenomenal artist, Nancy Howe, and wanted to post a link here for you to take a look and enjoy her comments on each of her selected works. It is interesting to note just how many times Nancy refers to and spotlights the various compositional ideas and approaches that each of the award winning works featured and spoke to her. 
So, apparently I am not the only one who espouses the elements of good design in a fine compositional idea. Nancy was honored with the Master Wildlife Artist medal from the Woodson Art Museum several years ago and I am pleased to say that I count her acquaintance as a high honor indeed; her works are stunning to say the least.

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