Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bay Watch, 10" x 23" . . . completed yesterday as anticipated. After completing the bird, I did realize that I needed a bit more 'weight' to the right and added that slightly distant branch just to give strength and a bit more perceived balance. I'm happy with it! You can find it, mid September, at McBride Gallery in Annapolis for the Best of the Chesapeake annual gallery show. The remainder of this week is devoted to pulling together all my random thoughts and ideas for my talk at the Woodson Art Museum on September 7th during the opening of this year's Birds in Art exhibition at which I will be honored to receive the Master Wildlife Artist medal. Now, how does one go about wrapping up 50 years or more of creative life in a 45 minute talk?

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Laurene said...

Without being able to put it into words, I can sense that the extra branch definitely balances the composition.

Best of luck at the Woodson Art Museum. Congratulations again!