Friday, May 03, 2013

I've been out of the studio this past week to attend the spring meeting of the Board of Directors of the Society of Animal Artists, to which I have just taken a seat for a three year term. I had the opportunity, while away, to spend a great few hours last Sunday in lower Manhattan walking the High Line and getting a great and interesting view of the lower end of the island. Did I take photos? Dah! I have already filed away about a dozen ideas for upcoming works and surely there will be more to come. But for now, I am returning to work on a piece I began before leaving last weekend which will head to the National Museum of Wildlife Art for this year's edition of Western Visions, their annual fund raiser and art show extraordinaire. Now that all the new work has been completed for the Master's Exhibition at the Woodson Art Museum this fall, I shall be tackling new works for gallery exchange over the next couple of months and hope to offer some smaller scale pieces at a drastically reduced price again as I have done in the last year or so, so hang around here or check my Facebook page in the near future to see what might be offered for purchase.

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