Thursday, March 21, 2013

There is work happening in the studio. This will be one of the new works going to the Woodson Art Museum for the Master's exhibition in September. I have not done a large work with my favorite subjects in quite some time. So, with that in mind and also knowing what horrors are currently going on in Africa with the mass killing of elephant herds to continue to perpetuate the Chinese ivory trade (will they not cease till every last one of these incredibly wonderful living creatures is gone?), I decided that I wanted to do something large and evocative for the exhibition. This one is large, 12" x 25" and there will be a lot of graphite applied before this one is done! How many more elephant families, though, will be slaughtered for their tusks to be shipped off to Asia during the time that it will take me to complete this work? The thought is chilling.

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Linda Besse said...

It is easy to see that this piece is going to be amazing. What a great tribute to these magnificent animals. Thank you for continuing to sound out the call for action.