Thursday, October 25, 2012

Arriving on my doorstep yesterday, my copy of the just published Strokes of Genius 4: The Best of Drawing/Exploring Line caused a moment of deep breaths as I opened the box and to my amazement and pleasant surprise, found one of my two included works gracing the back cover of the volume! To have work included in the book is quite an honor, this being the third time I have had works included in this series, two in the 3rd installment and five in the 2nd. But to find my work on the jacket just about knocked my socks off. I am grateful to North Light Books, Sara Laichas, editor and Rachel Rubin Wolf for her initial selection of my work. A quick leaf through last evening found a host of incredible works representing the very creative results of artists from across the globe. The book is available now through the North Light's web site bookstore, Amazon or perhaps your favorite local bookseller.

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John said...

Congratulation's Terry! Very well deserved!

Also, your new horse pieces are very strong, I love the composition's.