Monday, October 03, 2011

I know it is just early October, but it is never too early to begin thinking along these lines. This year, why not consider a fine piece of hand made, creative work by a local artist, sculptor or craftsperson as one or more of your Holiday gifts. You will not only be lending a hand to those of us who rely upon the generosity of others (as Blanch once said!), but you will be giving something that has more than simple intrinsic value; an item that will represent a singular moment in time and the creative endeavor and spirit of the maker, an item that will have long lasting appeal. Or, why not consider commissioning a work that would be something very special for a very special friend or family member? Now is the time to consider this, with a lead time of a couple months, any artist would be pleased to add a commissioned work to their work schedule.


Mighty Fine Art said...

I hope you don't mind Terry but I adjusted to suit me, and then shared this message on my Facebook page. Hopefully it will help those of us just scraping along.

Terry Miller said...

Hey Peter, no problem. I did not originate this anyway, snagged it off of another artist's facebook post this morning. Every little bit helps!