Tuesday, May 17, 2011

As anticipated yesterday and after three hours work today, this work is done. Earmarked for and headed to a special summer show in a couple months, with of all things lighthouses as the theme, this work measures 17" x 7". Considering that many artists do lighthouses and also taking into account the very well known imagery of this particular lighthouse at Pemaquid, I wanted to attempt a work with a slightly different take on the subject. By focusing on the rock formations and the very linear quality of some of the 'sinews' of the various rock types, I hope I have succeeded in coming up with a work that has a bit of an atypical viewpoint and slightly more interest as a work of art. I guess I'll know in July!

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Julia Ruffles | wildlife artist said...

BRILLIANT! I love your take on the view to the lighthouse, rocks are so beautiful to look at and have so many varied colours/surfaces/shapes, you have captured their depth and formation wonderfully, a huge fan of this piece I'm sure it will do really well at the show :) Jules