Saturday, February 05, 2011

A few weeks back, just before my trip to Florida, I had a visit from a young artist who I'd spent some time with over the last couple of years, talking about art, critiquing her work and offering suggestions and advice. She's been attending MICA in Baltimore and our visit of mid January was the first time I'd seen her and her new work in well over a year and a half.

When she walked in with her large portfolio, I was eager to see what she had brought. One of the first works she pulled out and we spread out on my dining room table, was the work shown above. I was immediately drawn to the work for any number of reasons, not least of which its immediacy and the way in which it almost instantly brought the smells and sounds and singular memories of my times in Africa right back to me.

Her stunning portrayal of three school girls, dressed in their school uniforms so ubiquitous throughout my many journeys across Africa, took my breath away. The composition was intriguing. Her use of greens and pinks and other unexpected hues not only took me by surprise, but once registered in the overall quality of the work, seemed such perfect choices as to leave little doubt of their well thought out arrangement. The balance of the work was nay on perfect in my estimation and I found nothing wanting in its totality. It was a rather large work, if memory serves about 24" x 36", but exhibited such a very intimate nature through her modeling of the gestures and placement of her subjects, I was, indeed, ready to pull out my checkbook and make an offer on it!

Though not included in the portfolio which accompanied her, the work below, which she later emailed an image of, she mentioned as having been acquired by one of her teachers at school and I could see exactly why.

As I was cleaning out temporary document files on my computer this morning, I ran across these images and just had to stop and spend some time with both once again. I am still so taken with this young lady's talent and looking again at these images continues to surprise and delight me, conjuring up new discoveries just the way a fine work of art should; eliciting emotional responses, calling to mind personal memories or simply causing one to pause and reflect.

As an artist myself, I am always excited to make a new discovery of a talent that tugs at my emotions and this young person's art does that unquestionably. I don't know where she will be in five, ten, or fifteen years. I don't know what endeavors she will pursue as she matures, but with a talent like this and a whole lifetime ahead, one can only believe great things will evolve for her.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing ~ I am always in awe of artists who have a style I would not know how to do, and this is pure talent.