Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall is rushing by outside my studio and over this past weekend my neighbor was out raking and decided that the maple in my front yard was just too spectacular to pass up taking photos of.

I've been eyeing the tree, just outside my dining room window, for the last couple of weeks but had not lifted the camera to take a picture or two. So thanks Elaine, for sending me these and other wonderful, colorful, bright, warm and sumptuous shots! I guess I will be raking these up in another week and then waiting for the first snowfall!


black bear cabin said...

what beautiful colors...we dont have any maple trees up here, so we dont get those wonderful oranges and reds! :( Our aspens are quite gorgeous, however the leaves fell off our trees about 2 weeks ago, so im jealous of yours :) Enjoy!

Rebecca Taylor said...

Beautiful photos - I love the vibrant warmth of the maple leaves - its just beautiful