Monday, October 11, 2010

Off yesterday for a day in DC. Visited the Smithsonian's American Art Museum and enjoyed the works of Norman Rockwell from George Lucas and Steven Spielberg's individual collections. A very nice group of some of Rockwell's originals for the Saturday Evening Post covers as well as numerous others. I was most taken with his full size, very detailed and intricate charcoal studies of a number of the originals on display. I was unaware that Rockwell did full size, some measuring four feet by three or larger, renderings before starting a painting. I was very drawn into his 'sketches' and found much to dwell upon as I sat and worked today.

Another smaller scale work, this one a shade over 3" square, for the upcoming Waterfowl Festival a short four weeks from this coming Thursday.


Pablo said...


Anonymous said...

Spectacular! -Joe

Dean Richards said...

Isn't it fantastic to see pencil work by the greats? I once had the chance to see a rare pencil original by Raymond Harris Ching. Gave me goose bumps!

Sadami said...

Dear Terry,
Thank you for the wonderful work and the very interesting post. I admire Norman Rockwell. I wish I could have a look of his sketches or drafts. Like you, in front of them, I'll spend hours. Please keep up this wonderful blog and work.
Kind regards, Sadami