Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Friend and sculptor extraordinaire, Karryl, is down from PA this week visiting with artist friends. Yesterday, three of us roamed the central Maryland countryside looking for . . . whatever. As a final stop before heading in for dinner, we 'met with' a very friendly, inquisitive and most photogenic group of cows. As noted below, Karryl and I had some encounters of the closeup kind! Hmm, I foresee some cows showing up on my drawing board real soon.

Right before I left to meet up with Karryl and Paula Waterman for our afternoon jaunt, I spied a nice spring time gathering at the bath in the backyard. Two minutes of clicking and I walked away with a nice group of images that will make for good reference material for upcoming works. Ah, spring time!

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Inkwell said...

There's Karryl, on her knees before all bovinity.