Saturday, April 10, 2010

As I sit down to work this afternoon, I am reminded of a question that is asked of me many times at a gallery opening or large group show - 'Where do you begin a drawing?' Depends. Depends on what it is that I am about to start work on; depends on the composition. Depends on the comparison of darks and lights. Depends on my mood or what phase the moon is in! In essence, each drawing starts off differently from the one just before it.

Here, I have about four and a half hours into this one as I begin today and it was started at the top. As there is a lot of dark areas to come in the foreground and mid center of the work, I wanted to go ahead and establish some of the distant shadows so I can judge the value of dark that I want to use in the foreground areas. So far, most of the shadow areas are H, HB and a touch or two of B for dimension. Don't want to go too dark, as I want all that foreground shadow to read stronger and if necessary, I can always go back toward the finish and deepen what needs to be deepened.

Yes, you might think that after all those cows of the early part of the week, I might be at work on something a bit more . . . farmy. Well, I have a couple of 'required' works to get off the board this month before I can be a bit less commanded by jury requirements and more specific subject matter, but cows will turn up soon enough.

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