Thursday, February 18, 2010

A new work is taking shape on my drawing board. 'Ah', you might say . . . 'looks vaguely familiar.' Well I suppose you might say it has some resemblance to a work recently completed, yes. Perhaps . . . a variation on a theme? Sure the subjects are once again, mourning doves. And sure, there is a large expanse of some flat surface (oh, am I ever having fun with all that noodling!). And yes, I have clustered the little feathery characters all together in a little huddle. And yes, the little huddle is offset to one corner of the overall compositional field. Well, you know what they say . . . when you find something that works, make good use of it! And that goes for making good use of good reference material as well. I have very good reference of mourning doves in many interesting poses so I guess I will just make use of it!

Hey, if a great composer, like Rachmaninoff (who I have been listening to this afternoon in the studio), can come up with a beautiful series of variations like those on a theme of Paganini (The Rhapsody, of course) I suppose I can give it a try too!

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