Monday, January 25, 2010

Yesterday was a perfect day to be working on this piece as it drizzled all day long and I took advantage of it and made notations and observations out my kitchen window of the reflective nature of the flagstone on the patio. Of course this is the seed of the original reference material and inspiration for this work, a rainy day several weeks ago and its effect on the patio stones. Well, at any rate, the going will slow down now as I concentrate more on the soft nature of the birds. As I have been looking at this piece over the last three or four days, I am just slightly concerned that the textures might be a bit in contention with each other so will carefully monitor this aspect as I continue to work. It might be that once the birds are set, a softening of the stone work might be necessary. I am not going to commit to anything right now, as this is all going to need to jell a bit more before that sort of determination is made, but it is a thought now in the back of my mind. What I don't want when it is all said and done, is for there to be a hodge podge of textures all working against each other rather than working in consort. If this indeed does become one of my finals for entry into this year's Birs in Art exhibiton, I want all my ducks in a row for jury!

And, today's studio music selection . . . an all-day Chopin concert.


Chance said...

absolute incredible level of detail, I can only look from the sidelines and be stunned

Gary Keimig said...

indeed a really nice drawing, Terry. It would be hard for a jury to turn down this one. But I know how jurying can be. Good luck

Kathryn Hansen said...

your texture is amazing!!