Saturday, November 21, 2009

A new work which I started earlier this afternoon, this one is going to be completed, I hope, by late on Monday as it is a replacement work for 'Furled' which was to have gone to my Annapolis gallery this coming week. That work, posted in the last entry here, sold yesterday so needs to be replaced in the line up of works to go to the gallery on Tuesday. This one will be 5" x 7" when completed. Looks kind'a messy right now but that will change as the work progresses. Right now, all I am trying to do is set some values across the image concentrating on the water and trying to get some even tones. This is being accomplished by methodically laying down soft values (using fairly sharp 2H, 3H, H and 6H leads) and going back over them with ever more pressure to fill in the 'gaps' on the surface of the Bristol Board that I work on. This process, talked about many times before here, is something I have referred to, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as coloring as it is an ongoing series of lines, cross hatches, more lines, more cross hatches, continuing till I achieve the desired overall value of grey that I am looking for. As I have also said times before, water is my least favorite texture to render! So what, would you ask, am I doing with so much of it in this little work? Nice to have a challenge every now and again!

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Unknown said...

Congrats on the sale and I am sure this will be a superb replacement.