Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today, I'm going to post another 'one day wonder' as some have called them. Here is the beginning of a small work, started about ten minutes ago, let's say just about noon for time-keeping sake! I'll try and update every hour or so and we'll see if I finish up by dinner time.

(1:08 PM posting) One of the little guys just about done. Hard to see the subtle variations in the 'black' coat of this guy, but maybe when it's all said and done and I photo it outside in natural light, all that will show up.

(2:12 PM posting) Building up some whites now on this foreground guy. Time to make a cup of afternoon tea!

(3:08 PM posting) Well, this one has gone a lot faster than I expected. I guess I am on a roll today! Anyway, appears to be another hour or a bit more of work and this one will be done.

And here (4:30 PM posting time) is the completed work. Image size on this one is 5 1/4" x 5 1/4"


Scottie Whigham said...

Turned out pretty good. Seems as though me and you both are working on pencil drawings today. I'm currently working on a doe drawing. I'm just getting started on it. Only got one ear done so far.

Unknown said...

Great job. Love it.

naturegirl said...

Love this! You are making us painfully slow artists look bad...:)
I guess that is why you are the master pencil guy!

Linda Besse said...

Wonderful concept and depth. And the title is simply perfect. One can't help but smile.
Great piece!