Monday, October 19, 2009

Hard to believe that it's forty years since George Harrison penned that phrase! (I was a mere tot!!!) But, after four and a half days of rain in these parts . . . it was wonderful to wake up to sun rays streaming in through the blinds this morning! Thanks sun . . . Thanks George!
An additional note this morning - my good friend, Paula Waterman, has risen in the wee hours, gotten bleary eyed onto a big jet and flown to north-central Wisconsin to begin a week long residency at the Woodson Art Museum. Without question, I have always (as do many, many others across the globe) felt that Paula is the preeminent proponent of the scratch board medium. I don't say this because she is a friend. I do say this as I believe that her talents with little scratchies and scuffies and such, when painstakingly applied to a clay board covered in black ink as she does, result in some of the most wonderful images in shades of black, white and grey that you can imagine.
If you are in the area of Wausau, Wisconsin in the next week, do stop into the museum and watch her in action. She will be doing a series of teaching lessons with school children, teens and adults over the course of the next six days and you can check out the schedule here. Also, Birds in Art, that incredible annual event, continues to hang at the Woodson through the middle of next month.


Laurene said...

Thanks for the introduction to Paula Waterman, Terry. I'm a huge pen and ink fan and this reminds me very much of beautiful ink work.

Paula said...

You are very sweet to say all this, right back atcha (except that you do the whole pencil thing instead).