Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sorry I've been 'off' for the last couple of days, this cold/flu has kept me off my feet and away from the drawing board. I think the same will hold true for today as well, but wanted to respond to a question from my last posting in mid week. Here is an image, just shot, of my work in progress showing my slip sheet, or an old piece of tracing paper that I use often when a work gets rather heavy with graphite, to cover portions of the work and protect from smearing etc.

Also, you will note a small square of scrap bristol that I use as a heel guard on a regular basis while working on a piece. This little square moves with my hand as I work on one part of the piece or another, resting the heel of my drawing hand upon it. Also, as I have mentioned before, I do use light and frequent sprays of workable fix (Krylon) on an area that has been pretty well worked up to close to conclusion just to set loose graphite - this especially in areas where there are many layers of ever darker and softer graphite - as in this particular work on that dark, shadowy river bank and also in the deeply shadowed trees at the upper part of the composition.

As the image shows now, the slip sheet is positioned over the lower part of the work to protect it as I continue (when I do get back to work!) to work the middle part of the composition and also to keep from smearing what parts of the water that I have already begun to set in. I have not yet applied any fix to the lower part of the work, as I want to be able to continue to build up darks in the water, so the slip sheet, as it is positioned now, protects all of that.

At times, depending on where I am working on the piece, the slip sheet will be positioned in a more vertical manner, covering one half or other of the work, as I work across from side to side, setting in darks or adding details.

This work is slightly less than 12" x 16" and will wind up floating in its frame without matting. I will show it, when complete, in its frame. And now, time for tea with honey and rest . . .

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Kristy said...

Thank you so much for your excellent reply. I appreciate it very much

Hope you are feeling better soon!