Saturday, June 20, 2009

Slow day today but did manage to get in some basket weaving!

My guess is that by now, you can identify some of the variations on a theme that have been going on here, relative to the original reference photo and how I have adapted it to my composition. I will point out a few adjustments that might or might not be obvious . . .

#1 - I eliminated completely the bottom row, just visible in the photo, of hanging gourds; this done basically to keep the 'clutter' down to a minimum and help to put the emphasis where I want the emphasis and focus of the work to be. I also like that very strong, horizontal line of the bottom log which helps to define the space better without anything hanging off of it and carrying the eye off the bottom margin of the work.

#2 - I have also eliminated or edited out, a couple of the hanging gourds to leave some open spaces here and there and thus enabling there to be more distance visible between the foreground components of the composition design and the background upon which it all is taking place. Again, I think this is enhancing the focus of those objects that I want the focus to be on.

And #3 - I added in the two little weaver birds as the major focal point of the work, giving the viewer something to look for, settle on and find surprise in, once detected.


Weavin' Wicker Woman said...

Hi Terry,

What kind of basket weaving did you get in today and can we see some examples of your work?

I'm a basketweaver and saw your blog via a Google Alert I have set up on "basketweaving."

Love your artwork, do you also draw pictures of baskets? Check out my antler baskets on my website and blog.

The Wicker Woman-Cathryn Peters

Terry Miller said...

Hey Cathryn,

Sorry, but your reading of my remark about 'basket weaving' was taken far too literally. It was more or less a reference to having worked on the woven baskets and trays in my drawing yesterday!

I like your baskets, though! :)