Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Skipping out from work a bit early today so I can get in a late afternoon hike. I have decided today, that the baboons are not going to give me as much trouble as I thought at first. It's going to be that pile of plantains that might do me in!
Also, astute observers might see a pretty significant alteration to my initial composition today. Can you pin point it? These things do happen in the course of working on a piece; what seemed to work in sketches and initial idea formation, sometimes, when in the midst of a work, needs rethinking. Here is a perfect example of that. Explanations - stay tuned.


Kevin said...

Looks like someone sat down to take a break in the back. :)
What a wonderful piece. I love your drapery.

Michael Bailey said...

Right, you changed the baboon in between the figures so it is sitting and facing forward to the focus of the drawing, brings your eye back to the figures and plaintains much better.