Monday, June 08, 2009

Other priorities this past weekend so not an awful lot of work accomplished on this current piece. Here is today's work . . . and yes, it is taking a bit of time to get to this point. As is my usual approach to a piece and in my usual technical style of layering, getting the skin tones just right is what is really driving this one. Laying in layer upon layer of ever darker grey tones to build up the roundness and shadows and give dimension to the arms etc. is making me take my time on this one. I am feeling pretty good about the piece at this point, so don't want to 'screw it up!'


John said...

Looking fantastic Terry!
I know you're going out of your comfort zone and it's paying off.

Jim Bortz said...

I'm enjoying watching this one come together. The flesh tones play nicely against the textures and folds of the clothing. Also, the body language of these women really draws me into the scene as I try to imagine the interaction. I look forward to seeing more.