Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am now back at it . . . a new work takes shape on the drawing board.


Rich Adams said...

Terry, I really enjoyed your March 10th post detailing your technique for diffused background objects. You mention that you typically use 3-ply Rising Bristol board and I was curious if you were referring to the vellum version of this paper?

Keep up the amazing work. I really enjoy your Unknown Bridges book by the way.

Terry Miller said...

Hey Rich,

Thanks for the kind words. As to the 'tag' for Rising Bristol, in the case of Rising, they do indeed call it the Vellum surface; this being the one with the texture as opposed to the smooth surface.

Other manufacturers, such as Bienfang, call it Kid finish, and I actually do have a couple of packs of their Bristol in stock too. I find both Rising and Bienfang are pretty similar in 'feel' and texture and work equally as well for me.

Glad you are enjoying my bridges!