Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do something nice for Mother Earth today.

I have been at work the last few days, though no posts to prove it. So, here is what has been accomplished since the beginning of the week - I think the swans are done and the water is pretty much as well, though I will be taking a last look at both when the boat is finally done, just to make sure it all works together.

A comment was made regarding my time spent on the water and yes, there has been a great amount of time spent on the water. I see the water as just as much an important subject in this piece as the swans and the boat and, perhaps, even a bit more important to 'get it right', give it importance and heft as a 'stage set' for everything else to act upon.

1 comment:

Laurene said...

There's a real feeling of depth and movement to the water, Terry. And I love the light on the swans.