Friday, January 09, 2009

Some Friends in Need, A Reminder

As this New Year gets underway, and with the Holiday mania (what there was of it this season, with the economy being in the toilet and all!), a gentle reminder today about my good friends, Lyn St. Clair (Artists Helping Lyn in the Link list here) and Ryan Jacque,, both of whom are Friends in Need right now.

As noted some time ago, Lyn's friends have set up a special blog page, offering works of art for sale with portions of the proceeds to be donated to Lyn to help cover her medical expenses. Lyn, like so many of us, does not have health insurance and every little dollar bill will be a big help to her. So, please hit the link to Lyn's blog page and take a look at some fine works for sale. New pieces are being added all the time, so stay current by checking back frequently.

Ryan, who suffered massive trauma to his head/brain/body, in a horrible fall back in early November, continues to recover, slowly but surely, in rehab in Massachusetts. His family continues to update his progress several times a week on the page linked above and there is also a link to a page for personal contributions to a fund set up to help his family in this tough time, in addition to notices about all sorts of fund raising events being held in that general area in his home state.

Lyn is back painting again in prep for her upcoming shows, but it is not known if Ry will ever work again, which to me personally is a very hard pill to swallow. Ry and I have been friends for years and his graphite work speaks volumes about his talent and prior to the accident, always indicated to me that his abilities would take him to high places in the future. Now, with continued positive thoughts that he will regain his capabilities and once again sit at the drawing board and create those wonderful drawings, we can only wait and, as they say, time will tell.


Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for the note about Ryan! We've been following Lyn but didn't realize at all about Ryan. He was one of our first Birds in Art Buddies and his work is always so inspiring. Let's hope and pray he's able to deftly maneuver those pencils again soon!

Stacy said...

Terry, I checked out the link to your friend Ryan - what an impressive artist he is. I also read the updates on his recovery. Much of what he is going through regarding his head injury sounds similar to what my father went through 5 years ago when he was recovering from a brain aneurysm caused by head trama. My Dad is also an artist and the first he picked up a pencil after his accident he had trouble even writing his name. But I am happy to say he made a full recovery and is back to painting and creating some of his best work ever. Anway, a rather long comment to say there is hope for your friend. I will pray that he is as lucky with his recovery as my Dad was.