Saturday, November 01, 2008

While ghosts and goblins wondered around the neighborhood streets yesterday, I spent my time with this cheetah and her cub - another small work for the Waterfowl Festival coming up in just shy of two weeks, this one just under 4" x 6".


Anonymous said...

Man, you sure are fast! :)

Kevin said...

Wow Terry!! I am really enjoying these tiny works that you are creating lately. Very inspiring for some of my own reference shots.
I can see that you are also enjoying them. Is the miniature world a new direction you are heading?
Best of luck at the Festival.

Terry Miller said...

Hey Kevin,
Well, I am not really going in a 'new direction' with my work, though one would think so viewing the latest batch of little things.
With the economy basically in the toilet at the moment, and knowing that purchasing art work to hang on one's wall is not most likely, a prime thought right now, I figured doing some smaller, less expensive works would be advisable at this current moment. I have not given up on doing larger, more involved works, but for the time being, this is where the focus is going to be.
It remains to be seen, if this short term intentional 'downsizing' in my work will pay off at the Festival around the corner.
Stay tuned though, as there will be some larger scale works yet to come this winter, with the need for several jury type works to be done in the next couple of months.
And to 'Ms Anonymous' .... I know who you are and I know where you live! :) (Fast, and I can cook, too!)

Grahame Butler said...
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Grahame Butler said...

Hi Terry, I agree with Anon and Kevin, I also look at your work to inspire me, and keep me going when my drawings are not going to plan, which is quiet often! great work I wish I could visit the Festival, good luck. Grahame