Friday, November 07, 2008

The Waterfowl Festival

As I have been mentioning for a bit now, next Thursday evening will see the opening of the 38th Annual Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland. As I quickly discovered this morning in looking back at my files, this year marks my 17th participation in this great showing of art, crafts, decoys, sculpture and all things creative.

Encompassing venues spread throughout Easton, as seen on this map of the town . . .

. . . all two dimensional fine art is displayed at either the Tidewater Gallery (#9 on the map) or the Elks Gallery (#2 on the map and the location where my work will be seen). Sculptors are split between venues #s 4 and 5 and photography at #12. Crafts, decoys, wood carvings, antiques and other creative and sporting related items are located at all the other numbered locations on the map.

As indicated by the blue and orange lines on the map, free shuttle bus service takes visitors to all venues and parking areas. It's an exciting weekend with lots to see and do and the fall color adds just that much more to the artistic surroundings. So, if you would like to spend a couple of days or a few hours seeing some mighty fine art work, come to Easton November 14, 15 or 16!

For more information, check out this link to the Festival web site - .

In addition to the work which I will be displaying at the Elks Gallery, more of my work can be seen both during the Festival weekend and all year long at Troika Gallery which is at 9 South Harrison Street just down from the Tidewater Gallery in the heart of downtown Easton.

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