Monday, September 15, 2008

Yes I have indeed, been working this past week. This work, just finished up this weekend, is something special that I have been working on this past week, well actually having begun it before I left for Birds in Art.

Somewhere just shy of 8 years 'overdue' I guess you might say, this work is the result of a promise made to my cousin's son back when he graduated High School, that I would do a work especially for him and subject matter of his own choosing, as a graduation present. I gave him a coupon valid for a five year period for him to tell me what he wanted me to do. Well, he went off to college in Maine and I finally heard from him, after some reminders and some gentle prodding from his mom and pop, just about the time the five year coupon was to run out. He wanted 'something Maine' to remind him of his time in school there.

Well, fast forward to graduate work at the University of Maryland (just 'down the road' from where I am currently living) and I believe, the start of his third year there? Anyway, I finally have gotten around to doing this work for him and hope he will be pleased with it after such a long wait! I plan on surprising him with it some evening this week and don't think the surprise will be lost as I don't think he has ever looked at this blog page of mine.

Anyway, here is the work, spotlighting Bass Harbor Light (referenced on a typical late winter/early spring, foggy morning many years ago on a ten day trip to Maine); image size is about 13" x 10 1/2" . . .


Unknown said...

Fantastic! The textures of the rock cliff are amazing.

Anonymous said...

I am originally from Maine and you have definitely captured the rugged beauty of the coast and this one too has that special atmosphere you create in your works.
Well worth the wait I would say - may be the most special present he ever gets!

Sandi Macdonald

Kevin said...

Wow I really like this one.
I am from the west coast of Canada and this image is very much the look of my part of the world also. Quite appealing and I love the backstory as well.
As always, technically perfect! :)