Monday, July 14, 2008

The Post Open House Post

After a fine and fun day on Saturday at our Open House, shared with many of our long time collectors and friends, Paula Waterman, sculptor friend Karryl and I hit the road early yesterday to visit the Maryland Zoo at Baltimore. They recently were delighted with the birth of little Samson, a baby African Elephant who is now about four months old and we wanted to take advantage of the sunny morning and get some reference material.

The crowds were there early and we spent a good couple of hours watching the little, fuzzy guy figuring out his way in the world. For me, it was a wonderful experience and I came away being quite enthused with the idea of once again, sinking my teeth into African subject matter for upcoming works.

We three also got some nice reference of the Okapi pair, giraffes and some very appealing (to me anyway!) vultures! I see several works materializing out of those fun hours at the zoo yesterday.

Before leaving, Karryl mentioned that the Pittsburgh Zoo also has a newly born baby African elephant who will be joined by another quite soon, so I think a trip north and west sometime in the fall will be in order to gather up some additional reference material.

If in the Baltimore or Pittsburgh area over these next few months, take advantage of these very special 'events' and look in on these cute little creatures. You will not be able to leave without a huge smile on your face!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures!!! What a fun day that must have been. I hope your open house went well.