Friday, June 20, 2008

A Weekday in the Country

Modifying a borrowed line from Sondheim's A Little Night Music (where A WeekEND in the Country held sway), artist friend, Paula Waterman, and I took off from studio work yesterday afternoon and went roaming in the 'Country'.

Something I have not really done for well over a year, riding the back roads and country lanes of mid Maryland proved to hold a bonus crop of great reference. Just the sort of 'stuff' that gets the old imagination to moving in fast gear and coats the mind with inspiration.

We sure did find a diversity of material within a short drive and a couple of late afternoon hours. I had forgotten just how much fun it was to spend time making lefts and making rights and winding down unpaved lanes that all are really within fifteen or twenty minutes of suburbia.

So, here are some choice shots from our meanderings. I have no doubt that some of these posers will show up in the next few weeks on my drawing board.

This handsome yet skittish fellow, my good friend and bovine identifier extraordinaire, Paula, let me know was most likely a White Park. He was not too enthused with having his picture taken and once approached with camera in hand, he turned tail and ran!

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