Monday, June 09, 2008

This last week or so, I have been preoccupied with pulling together my resources for the upcoming lecture I shall be presenting at the Woodson Museum later this month during the opening weekend events of my solo, Unknown Bridges. That work is just about completed and I am in the last stages of putting it all into presentation form with PowerPoint (what fun that is!).

The first, proof copy, of my book has arrived this morning and I am rather pleased with the result. I am therefore, making the announcement today that the book will be available as indicated below, at For those who have contacted me previously about obtaining a signed copy from me directly, that order is in and I hope to have those copies before I leave for Wausau on the 27th. I will send out emails to those of you who this pertains to and let you know when the books have arrived here and will try and ship them again, before I leave for the opening or shortly after my return in early July.

I think it is time now, to get back to the drawing board to prepare for the upcoming Open House that friends, Paula Waterman and Karryl and I will be hosting on Saturday, July 12th. We have decided to try a warm weather event this year in place of our traditional early December timing. So, if you would like to attend, put that date on your calendars, now! We will be welcoming visitors from noon through 6 that evening, so stop in and see some great, new works from all three of us.

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Diane Wright said...

Let me be the first to say "Congratulations"! I just placed an order for your book and am really looking forward to seeing your work in print!