Monday, April 28, 2008

'Putting It Together'

And finally . . . the surprise work . . . maybe not too much of a surprise to some who have sort of guessed or known some of the contingent components of this work from the beginning. But, in any event, after a couple hours of finishing up this morning, the work, 'Putting It Together', is done. The image is just shy of 14" x 15".

And, as some have guessed, that is me sitting among the rocks, sketching those bridges. Some astute observers of this blog will recognize the bridges in question as those that I sought out back on Easter Sunday, March 23 (check my blog posting for that date) in Luray, Virginia.

This scene plays out in one of the photographs of O. Winston Link, whose magnificent black and white photos will hang also at the Woodson Museum at the same time as my drawings, later this summer. I specifically wanted, as I noted in the March 23 posting, to find this spot and make reference to it in one of my works to see if viewers of the upcoming two exhibitions will make the 'connection' between the photo and my drawing.

As I thought about how to approach this work and make it into something that would be fun to do, I opted to make it a self portrait of sorts, something which I have never done before . . . do a drawing with me in it . . . and as my ideas coalesced into the composition, it all began to be 'put together' into what I think has become an interesting work. I have added a couple other points of interest by including a friend's dog as well as two of my favorite artist friends.

And then . . . there is the book! Open to the pages that show the two photos that Link shot at this location 50 years ago, I thought this would be the perfect point of departure for the rest of the composition.

And so, 'Putting It Together' (which by the way, is the title of the lecture that I will be presenting at the Woodson on Sunday, June 29) will be framed later today. Tomorrow, it will be on to begin the final work for the exhibition.


Pamela Underhill Karaz said...

Very cool idea and very nicely done. Your exhibit will be awesome!
My best...

Jeremy Pearse said...

Love this piece Terry, more so I think because of the personal touch and it reminds me of the one you did with Pete Z included within the image.