Saturday, August 18, 2007

This next work up on the drawing board, begun yesterday, is as a direct result of a 'situation' that I hinted at in a response to my artist friend, Victoria Wilson-Shultz's comment posted on my blog entry from a couple weeks back after my encounter with the deer on my morning walk of August 3. In that comment, I noted about a walk I had taken several mornings later on which I spotted a wonderful scene of a blue heron standing on a sand bank in the stream just below a wonderfully sunlit bridge along my walk path and how I had intended to make use of that image, even though I did not, again, have camera in hand or note pad in pocket! The image was so perfect in all its compositional elements, and since I had already, previously, documented that particular bridge along the walking trail, it was quite easy for me to insert some eastern shore, Black Water Refuge blue heron reference into the scene. So, here begins this work, image size to be about 13" x 8" when completed.

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