Thursday, January 11, 2007

Work shuffles along today on the current piece. As I have been working, I have also been listening to a wonderful CD of Les Ballets Africains, the National Dance Company of the Republic of Guinea. This group, formed in 1952 (as the liner notes say) by 'distinguished Guinean choreographer, Keita Fodeba' has toured internationally almost since its inception with the mission to 'foster a greater understanding of Africa with a view to creating favourable conditions for the healthy and fruitful cooperation between Africa and the rest of the world'. In times like those that surround us all nowadays, their mission could not be of greater import, in my humble opinion. As I have listened to the unique and inspirational beat of their drums and the hypnotic chants of their singing, I have not only felt the heartache of wanting desperately to go back to that wonderful continent (I have not been in nearly six years now) but also the desire to see this group in person the very next time they are performing anywhere near me! This particular disc is called 'Heritage' and can be purchased through the group's web site. This music really puts me in the absolute right mood for this particular drawing!

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