Saturday, May 20, 2006

An interesting day in the back yard! Mom and Pop robin have been busy digging up worms and flying around, being aware of me sitting in the studio with the screen door open and trying to photograph them, the entire time. I looked into the nest this morning and was alarmed to find it empty! When I finally got into the studio, which is in my lower level,and I opened the french door to get some fresh air, I thought I heard some chirping coming from just outside the door where there is a big overgrown bush (directly beneath where the nest is outside the dining room window) and within a bit, I realized the chicks must have been somewhere under that tangled mess as Mom and Pop were constantly digging up worms and transporting them over to the bush area. They would wait till I stepped away from the doorway or was out of sight, before ducking under the growth and I guess, feeding the little ones. So, on and off during the day, as I worked at the drawing board, did laundry and listened to La Fanciulla Del West (ahhhh, Puccini!), I took advantage of this great reference material and got over a hundred, I guess, descent images of the pair, and here are a few to enjoy.

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