Saturday, May 13, 2006

I am most pleased and honored to have received word this week that 'Close of Day' has been selected for inclusion in this year's Birds in Art exhibition at the Woodson Art Museum in Wisconsin. This will be my 15th year of inclusion in this international scope exhibition and my work, along with that of another 90 or so artists, will be on exhibition at the Woodson from early September through early November. The museum is located in north central Wisconsin in Wausau and I hope to attend the opening reception the weekend following Labor Day. Several of my artist friends are also happy to be a part of this year's hanging, including my good friends, Paula and Lyn (links to their blogs appear at the right). Unfortunately, once again, my good friend Carel P did not make the cut and for what it is worth, I think the jury missed a fine, fine work (check out his entry through the link to his blog also at right).


Kevin said...

I send you my congratulations! What a highly reguarded show and for you to be included for this many years...Wow. Great Job


Bill said...

Congratulations! I was doing a search for other Wausau blogs and came across your entry. I live about a block from the museum and go there often. I hope you will enjoy your trip to Wausau, it is a very nice place and very active in the arts.

Bill Coady