Monday, January 16, 2006

I seem to be in a 'big cat' mode now. And actually it is nice to once again, delve into the treasury of African reference matter that I have not really touched for quite some time. As an artist, it has always fascinated me where inspiration comes from. Speaking for myself, inspiration comes at me from all sorts of directions; sounds, smells, musical cues, dreams, wonderings on back roads, momentary thoughts, shadows, other artist's work. And perhaps, with my recent work with tiger reference, I have once again become interested in digging through pages of slides and envelopes of photo prints of lions from my seven trips to Africa.
Having not been back to Africa since early in 2001, I seem to have fallen away from that reference material in the last few years. And, with my move to central Maryland just over four years ago, new avenues of inspiration have opened to me, cows and sheep and rural landscapes and barns and . . .
Well, maybe with the completion of this current work of two lions, I might settle on Africa as my inspiration for awhile. Who knows? That is what is always fascinating and mysterious to me, about the process of being an artist.

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