Monday, July 18, 2005

With all the craziness of the filming last week, I hardly had any time to work, except for the little bits that we filmed. Anyway, got back to it this afternoon, though did not spend too much time on it today. Will get in good work time tomorrow and expect to finish it up by mid week. Hoping to head out and do some on the road reference work for a few days, maybe toward the end of next week, weather permitting, so want to 'tidy' things up in the studio before then.
The filming experience, now that I am a few days removed from it all, went rather well. I had no idea of what to expect last Wednesday. The guys could not have been nicer and more professional. Of course, in any sort of filming whether it be TV or movies, there is a lot of 'hurry up and wait' time, and there was a fair amount of that here on Thursday and Friday; setting up lights, setting camera angles, 'walking through' set ups . . . all part of the game! I will be anxious to see the finished outcome of it all. Editing will not be done for a couple months, I am told, so in the meantime, will just get on with other things.

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