Wednesday, July 20, 2005

'Compadres' finished and ready to head out of the studio. And, speaking of compadres, a major fund raiser will be taking place shortly for artist friend, Paco Young. Paco has been suffering with leukemia for some time now, going through a series of procedures and working on recovery. A multitude of wildlife artists, including moi, have pitched in and donated small original works of art to both Gallery Jamel in Maryland and Trailside Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming. A web site has been set up by both galleries, displaying the various works that will be available for bidding in an auction type situation . . . Some very fine works have already been uploaded to the site and more are on their way over the next three to four weeks. Take a look, you might just be able to bid on a wonderful piece of art and in so doing, help Paco and his family.

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Anonymous said...

Strong composition!