Monday, June 06, 2005

Been very busy with other things this past week and as a result, did not make much progress on the current work on the board during the last seven days. Back at work today, and hope to have an update on the barn/cow work later this afternoon with today's work on it. In the meantime, for anyone who might have taken a look at several of the comments that have been posted here over the last few weeks, you will have seen a couple of postings by a fine, talented young artist friend of mine, Ryan Jacque. He has been kind enough to leave some postive remarks about my work and I wanted to acknowledge that here and to also say to anyone who may look in on this blog, that Ryan is an outstanding pencil artist in his own right. I met Ryan some years ago and was immediately impressed with his skill, his technical ability with the medium and his incredible compositions. Composition is something that has always been first and foremost in my work, and I am always excited to see other artists, whose work I admire and respect, using the basic elements of good composition to make beautiful works of art. Ryan does that in spades! Check out his web site at and see for yourself.

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