Wednesday, October 24, 2018

As a follow up to my previous post on this year's review of some of my favorite works from The Woodson Art Museum's Birds in Art exhibition, news has been posted of the acquisition of 16 works from the exhibition for the museum's permanent collection. Other than my earlier mention of their purchase of James Clow's work (see the previous post from October 18), I was amazed to read today of their purchase of three more of those works I spotlighted on the 18th. Added to the collection are the works of Matthew Hillier, Michael Dumas, and T. Allen Lawson as part of those 16 additions. I am sure my inclusion of those works in my short list had no influence on the museum's decision making as I know that they make those decisions shortly after the opening weekend events, which took place back in early September. But, it sure is interesting!

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