Monday, June 23, 2014

Spent the morning setting up my work list for the summer months and first on the list, I will be working on several little 'post card' sized works for this year's Project Postcard at the Woodson Art Museum which will take place during the opening of the 2014 Birds in Art exhibition this September. I believe it was five years ago now that the museum began this very fun event as a way for attendees to the opening night reception of their internationally respected annual exhibition, to acquire small, original works of art from some of their favorite artists. Each exhibiting artist is asked to consider offering a small work or two, 4" x 6" in size and to not sign the work on the face of the 'card' but on the back. This is so when someone is considering a work from a bulletin board filled with all of the available small works, they will have no idea of what artist did what piece until after they purchase one within a 30 second time frame. There's the real fun of it, you have to make your selection quickly!

The museum uses the funds generated by the sale of these works, now priced at only $50 each (a bargain at twice the price!), to acquire new works for the permanent collection. If memory serves, over the course of the last four years, they've been able to add maybe 14 new works to the collection directly from the sale of these little gems of art. Generally, there are well over 100 of these postcards available during the opening evening festivities, in some years quite a bit more, and I will be contributing four 'post cards' this fall. As if the exhibition itself was not reason enough to be in Wausau the first Friday evening after Labor Day and at the Woodson, the addition of being able to acquire one of the dozens and dozens of small originals for a song, makes the opening doubly fun and exciting. Of course, I am not going to be posting the images of these works so if you would like to see what comes off the board over the next week or so, you'll have to plan on being in Wausau at the Woodson Art Museum on Friday evening, September 5th.

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