Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday's work at the drawing board.

Not meaning to be insensitive or horrifying . . . but, having read of this sickening situation as I opened my home page on the computer this afternoon, I had to post this link to the kind of story that has become almost a daily event in recent months as the slaughter of the African elephant continues at an ever increasing pace. Having spent so much time while in Africa, viewing and just relishing the interactions between adult and young elephants, this brings tears to my eyes as I have been working on this piece this afternoon. I just cannot imagine a wild world without elephants in it and if something is not done to halt this assault, they will be gone before anyone realizes. I had wanted to post an accompanying photo from this story to emphasize the horror that is unfolding but it was just too emotional to do. Please read this and think about how you, personally, could do something to help to support whatever efforts you can to end this tragedy that is unfolding.

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