Thursday, April 17, 2014


Having a Facebook presence can be both fun and infuriating at times. One of the more 'fun' things that I have recently taken up is posting photos and remembrances on Thursdays for something called Throw Back Thursdays on Facebook. I don't know who or how and when it all started, but I've been digging through my photo archives for the last month or so, posting interesting shots from the past, often triggering most wonderful memories of places and events and situations. Here you see my posting for today's TBT, an image shot in northern Tanzania at the Olduvai Gorge sometime in the late 90s, perhaps 98? of a trip with some fellow artists. I'm enjoying a break from the dusty drive at the Gorge and doing a bit of sketching at the edge of the deep gorge where the Leakeys, Louis and Mary, made major discoveries in the 1950s about early man in the Olduvai Gorge area.
Finding this image this morning has triggered a lot of fond recollection and actually has started me on an exploration of African reference as I sift through photos, slides and notes in sketchbooks, laying out ideas for possible works for the summer's studio time. I have not really tackled Africa as a subject for sometime, other than something now and again and several ideas for a couple of the upcoming smaller works that I will be offering at the beginning of May in my special smaller work offering on Facebook. It's great to recall exciting experiences in Africa from 15 or more years ago and I expect to be sketching out several ideas later this afternoon for larger works to be done as the summer months unfold. You will, no doubt, see them posted here as they come off the board.

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