Friday, December 20, 2013

This most recent offering of small works at small pricing was a great success and I thank each and every person who now owns one of these 14 works. It was fun for me to do them and for those who missed out on snagging one of these, I will be doing this again in the spring so try again in a few months. As noted . . . all contacts for purchase occurred through my posting these images on Facebook at the same time they were posted here. So, I believe what I will do in the spring is to only be posting the works on my Facebook art page, The Graphite Art of Terry Miller to make it easier for those who wish to try for one. I'll post a notification here on my blog page prior to the first posting on Facebook as an alert but the images will only be posted on Facebook each time this is done in future (I hope to repeat this several times next year after the spring offering). If you are not on Facebook, I would suggest that you 'LIKE' my art page so you will have access to the offerings in future.
Again, my thanks to all who now have one, two or more of these works to add to their collections.

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