Sunday, August 18, 2013

In this past week or so, the invitations to the opening weekend of this year's Birds in Art exhibition have gone out to museum members, artists and guests. I had not seen the invitations myself, but had heard that the design was quite unique and wonderful, not only spotlighting the major events of the weekend in simple yet eye-catching text, but some of my works that will appear in the mini retrospective as this year's Master Wildlife Artist as well. I was truly impressed with the invitation when my copy arrived earlier this past week. Having dabbled in graphic design myself, I know how challenging putting together an interesting package can be and Mr. Richard Wunsch, the designer of this beautiful tri-leaf card, got a major tip of my hat for his well designed effort. I believe he has been responsible for the design of the catalog for Birds in Art for some time and I have often commented on just how clean and appropriate his design concept for the catalog always is, making the art stand out as it should. (Experiences in the past with graphic designers who put together art catalogs under the impression that it was more important to spotlight the designer's overall imprint as opposed to putting the spotlight on the art, attests to the fact that not all art-related volumes are created equal.)
As I have talked about here before, being very 'plugged in' to overall compositional ideas and the various elements of creative design that they encompass when I am putting together a new work, I am always drawn toward good, well balanced, interesting design in any form. This invitation fits that bill completely. Check out Rick's page on the web to see some more of his design work and photography. I look forward to chatting with him in person at the opening in a few short weeks.

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Kathy Foley said...

Thanks, Terry, for giving Rick the much-deserved shout out! The Woodson Art Museum has worked with Rick for many years and his superb design sense and style have helped to shape our brand identity as well as give clarity to our message. You'll see Rick's good work reflected in the Birds in Art events calendar, activity guide, and Vista (members newsletter) as well as the Birds in Art catalogue . . . all forthcoming. Very exciting! See you soon, Kathy